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Cultivation & characteristics of OILON oliveoil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


his fabulous olive oil is produced by olive groves of the breeds “Adramytini” and “Kolovi”.

The combination of the semi-mountainous location of the olive groves with the ideal territorial and weather conditions enable us to produce an exquisite olive oil whose traits, waft and flavour make it incomparable.


he anhydrous way of cultivating olive trees provides the olive oil produced with top-quality characteristics and makes the olive groves resistant against harsh climate conditions and diseases.


ur greatest quality-related benefit though,is the fact that the olive trees have been grafted ,having grown up in the very place that nature selected thousands of years agο. Proof of it lies in the rogue tillers that grow every year at the base of the olive tree trunks. Harvesting the olive crops starts in mid-October (quite early for the island of Lesvos and for these specific olive trees breeds) which practically ensures the maximum production of top-quality olive oil. The olives collected are transported to the olive press in packages that allow the air to circulate through and are pressed the very same day.


ith the utmost possible respect to the environment, the procedures described are accurately followed every year since our family was one of the first olive oil producers who realised the benefits of the organic farming and applied it to our methods of olive trees cultivation and olive oil production.